GP8 - Connect your Fretlight guitar to Guitar Pro 8


Guitar Pro 8 is Fretlight Ready. That means that you can easily connect your Fretlight guitar to Guitar Pro 8 without any additional plugin or program. Simply follow these few steps.

1/ Enable the Fretlight option

  • Open the Preferences from the File or Guitar Pro 8 menu in Guitar Pro 8
  • Go to Interface > Toolbar section and enable the Show Fretlight button option as follow:

Capture d’écran 2024-02-23 à 15.13.37.png


The Fretlight button will appear from the top right of your Guitar Pro 8 window in the Toolbar.


2/ Connect your Fretlight Guitar

Wired Fretlight guitars

Plug your wired Fretlight guitar into your computer. 

This one will automatically appear as Connected in the Fretlight preferences window as below.




Bluetooth Fretlight guitars


At least Bluetooth 4.0 is necessary to connect your Wireless Fretlight guitars to Guitar Pro 8. You can consult these articles for Windows and macOS to check if you meet this minimum requirement. 


Once activated your Fretlight guitar will automatically be detected by Guitar Pro 8 after a short syncing time (about ten seconds) and then appear as Connected in the Fretlight preferences window.

If your Bluetooth guitar does not appear as connected: 

1/ Make sure your computer use at least Bluetooth 4.0 and that the Bluetooth option is enabled. 
2/ Make sure that your Fretlight guitar is not already connected to another peripheral or program.
3/ Reset the Fretlight guitar by pushing the black button located next to the mic USB entry.
Press it until all the lights will flash.
Then open Guitar Pro 8 and one of your file, your Fretlight guitar should connect automatically.


If you need more information about your Fretlight guitar please visit the Support section of the Fretlight website.