GP7.5 - Guitar Pro 7.5 crashes

Guitar Pro 7 crashes can have several root causes.

First of all make sure to:

  • Install any available update for Guitar Pro 7 from the Guitar Pro 7 or Help menu.
  • Install any available update for your Operating System.
  • Install any available update for your external soundcard, audio devices (bluetooth headsets, etc…)

If unfortunately you can not install Guitar Pro 7 latest version, please delete Guitar Pro 7 and download the latest version of the program from our website. Do not use your DVD as this one probably includes a former version of GP7.

Windows users: if Guitar Pro 7 crashes at launch please follow this article

If your issue is not fixed please contact our support and provide these details:

  • the exact version of your Operating System
  • the current version of Guitar Pro 7
  • the references of all the external devices plugged to your computer
  • the steps to reproduce
  • if your issue involves a specific file, please send us this file in attachement. 

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