mSB - How to use a mySongBook Gift Coupon

First log onto the website www.mysongbook.com.

  • If you already have a mySongBook account, please "Sign in" to your account. 
  • If you do not have a mySongBook account, please click on the "Create new account" tab (in the top right-hand corner), type in your user information and click on "Send". You will then be e-mailed your mySongBook account confirmation. Please consult the email you just received and finalize your account creation.


Go to your mySongBook account

Click on the "My account" tab (in the top right-hand corner), and type your Gift Coupon into the "Redeem code" form. You will find your Gift Coupon in the E-mail you received after you placed your Guitar Pro order and in which you can also find your Guitar Pro 6 license information (User ID and Key ID).
Please check your spam or promotion folder (Gmail) if you think that you did not receive this email.

Access your tabs

Click on the "My scores" tab (in the top right-hand corner) to access the tabs in your songbook. 
To read or play a tab in Guitar Pro, just click on the "arrow" icon. You will first need to have installed your Guitar Pro 6 software on your computer to be able to open your mySongBook tabs.

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