GP6 - My IDs are not recognized or I lost my IDs, what can I do?


My IDs are not recognized in Guitar Pro or from the website?

Most of the time this issue simply comes from a typo mistake, can you please make sure to:

  • Respect and double check each character included in your IDs.
  • Not include any empty spaces before or after your ID (in case of copy and paste for example).
  • Use the appropriate ID for the right version of Guitar Pro (f.i: 6INT1234567 for Guitar Pro 6 / 5BBX1234567 for Guitar Pro 5…).


I lost my Guitar Pro 6 IDs

Please use this link

My email address has changed

If you do not have access to your former email address please contact our support and make sure to include the template below related to the information you provided during your purchase or registration:

  • Name, Surname:
  • Postal address:
  • Email address:


Please note that if you did not purchase your Guitar Pro license from our website but from a third party and never registered it from your customer area we will not be able to track your information down and retrieve your license.