GP6 - Guitar Pro 6 offline activation

In some cases, your network, a proxy, your resident protection (firewall/antivirus) or specific settings proper to your installation prevent you from connecting to our server. The best and quickest alternative if you can not change your settings or access a different network is to choose the offline activation process outlined in this article.

 Offline activation for macOS and Windows

  • Open Guitar Pro 6
  • Enter your User ID and Key ID
  • Select "Offline activation"
  • The software generates a long key that is valid for this computer only.



Now copy this long key to avoid mistakes.

At this point you need a computer with internet access.

A new key has been generated

  • Save this new key
  • Go back to the computer where you generated the first offline key
  • Open Guitar Pro 6
  • Enter the 2 offline keys into the Guitar Pro 6 activation window.


Congratulations! You have successfully activated Guitar Pro 6! 


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