mSB - mSB what is it?

mySongBook is a new service for the online sale of music scores that is integrated in, and accessible from the Guitar Pro software program. All of the scores have been created by music teachers and professionals, and are Guitar-Pro certified. With two mouse clicks, you have access to a .gp (i.e., Guitar Pro 7 format) sheet music library that is of high quality, totally secure, and legal. 

As you navigate the mySongBook portal, you can browse our sheet music library, pre-visualize and pre-listen to the pieces offered, and thus make your choice. Once you have purchased your music scores, you will be able to access them immediately in your Guitar Pro software program, play them, change their tempo coefficient, play some specific passages in loops, mute some tracks, display the notes on a guitar fretboard or on a keyboard, etc.. If you wish to bring your scores anywhere with you, you will just need to print them out (print options are not available in subscription mode though)

For more information on mySongBook, please look up our dedicated webpage.

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