mSB - What is the difference between mySongBook and mySongBook Player?

mySongBook Player allows you to read and play mySongBook music scores without need to start Guitar Pro 6. Playback is available with the RSE (Realistic Sound Engine). Guitar Pro 6 will let you choose to do the same either in the RSE or MIDI formats. 

Audio rendition in mySongBook Player may slightly differ from that of Guitar Pro 6. That is normal: the soundbanks embarked with the Player have been made lighter for technical reasons pertaining to the program's installation process. No additional soundbanks are integrated in it. 

To get access to mySongBook, you will need to install the update 6.1 (or higher) of Guitar Pro 6. To proceed to that update or check that you are already using version 6.1, please read our dedicated tutorial. To use mySongBook Player, download the free installation file off of our Product page

Access to the portal is the same on both interfaces. You can sign in with the same log-in information. You will find there all of the Guitar Pro playback options: countdown, metronome, speed trainer, or loop-playback on multiple selections. 

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