mSB - How do I browse the mySongBook score library?

Via Guitar Pro

Get access to the portal by clicking on the mySongBook thumb index located in the top right-hand corner of your Guitar Pro interface. If you cannot see it, make sure that the option "Show mySongBook tab" is selected in the program's Preferences

Via mySongBook Player

To use mySongBook Player, download the free installation file off of our Product page

Via www.mysongbook.com

mySongBook is also accessible on the website www.mysongbook.com.

You can read and play samples of any music scores you choose. For easier and faster searches, you have the possibility to browse your sheet music by filtering with key-words (title, singer), favorites, technical level, alphabetical order, and release date. All you need to do to browse our catalogue is create a mySongBook account

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