GP Mobile iOS - File Imports


From the Guitar Pro mobile application, make sure to open the Locations menu and select the Add icon (+ sign).

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You are then offered 3 methods to import your files.


From a computer, from iTunes or from the Files app.

The application allows you to read all the Guitar Pro files (.gp3, .gp4, .gp5, .gpx, .gp). Note that .ptb files are also supported.



From a computer

  • Select From a computer from the mobile application
  • A web address is displayed
  • Open your Internet browser from your computer
  • Type in the web address (http://…) displayed on the screen of your iOS device
  • Your web navigator then shows the following management interface, on which you can:
    • drag-and-drop a file into the area located below the "+" icon to add it to your library 
      Info this may not work with all web navigators, in which case just click directly on the specified area
    • download files onto the computer from your iOS device by clicking on the file's title
    • delete the files you have previously selected




From iTunes

  • To upload scores from iTunes, you simply need to:
    • connect your iPhone to your computer
    • select your iPhone in the iTunes window
    • select File Sharing from the left
    • choose "Guitar Pro" in the apps section

  • You can now:
    • drag-and-drop your new file, or click on the "Add" button to upload it onto your iPhone
    • download files from your iPhone onto your computer, with the "Save as" button
    • delete a file by clicking on its title and hitting the "Del" key on your computer



From the Files app of your iOS device

Easily import files from the Files App of your iOS device. For more information on the use of the Files app we invite you to consult this article.

Please note that only Guitar Pro files (GP3/4/5/6/7 .gp) and .ptb files can be imported into the mobile application at the moment.