GP Mobile iOS - Open and play a file

Browse and open file using the search bar

Make sure to select either the History, FavoritesLocations or NotePad item from the bottom of your screen.

You will then have access to the Search bar available from the top.

Note that this research applies to both the files saved in your application and mySongBook files.


Depending on the panel you opened you can also browse your files and search them by Artists, Albums, Songs, Favorites and recently added files.


Discover the Guitar Pro Player

Open one of your file and discover your playback interface.
The different menus are available from the top of your screen and the player options from the bottom. They are divided as follow.


The Track, chords, settings and information menus


The Track menu:

  • Choose the track you want to display
  • Access the transposition (semi-tones) option for this track
  • Setup the volume, mute or isolate your track
  • Select the soundbank applied to this specific track.


The Information menu:

  • Access the chord diagrams attached to the track (if any). Note that you can not edit chord diagrams from the mobile application.


The Settings menu:

  • Choose the staff type (Tablature, Standard, Slash)
  • Setup the score size
  • Setup the metronome and countdown
  • Access the fretboard/keyboard options
  • Access the Playback options
  • Activate the Dark mode
  • Activate the Fretlight option.


The Information menu:

  • Access and edit the score information (title, artist, copyright,…)
  • Access the export options (export as a Guitar Pro or PDF file).


The Player options


These options are available from the bottom of your screen and allow you to:

  • Launch/Stop the playback
  • Change the relative speed from x 0,2 to x 2.0 (tempo)
  • Activate the loop option
  • Activate the Timer and Countdown.


💡 You can create loops and work on difficult sections by selecting the zone you wish to play in loops. Press the screen for one second then adjust the blue selection.