GP Mobile iOS - Settings options


Open one of your file and access the Settings option from the geared wheel at the top of your screen.



You will be able to manage your parameters for displaying and reading scores.




Type of notation:

To show standard or tablature notation, separately or together. Or choose to show the Slash notation.


Slash notation

Score size:

Adjust the size of your score for your needs and comfort.

The score's size adapts to the orientation of the iPhone or to the score's contents.


Managing metronome and countdown:

To practice in time, you can choose activate or deactivate the metronome and/or the countdown. You can also adjust the volume, and change the soundbank selected for the metronome.




Fretboard / Keyboard:

The application gives you the possibility to display or hide the guitar fretboard or the keyboard below the score.

The keyboard or fretboard will be displayed depending on what instrument has been selected for the active track.



By default, playback will stop at the end of the tune. You can activate the loop option for continuing playback.