GP6 - Crashes at start up


What should you do when Guitar Pro 6 crashes at start up.

Products affected:

 Guitar Pro 6 for Mac OS X and Windows


Guitar Pro 6 crashes straight after you attempt to launch the application or just after the introduction jingle. This issue can have several root causes and in such circumstances we invite you to send us a crash report if the software gives you this possibility and contact our support via the contact form.

But here are a few steps that should more than likely help you fix this erratic behavior


  • Follow the reinstall process outlined in this article for PC and for MAC.
  • Make sure that you installed any available updates for your computer or other musical softwares.
  • If you have any third party soundcard plugged via USB make sure you installed any available updates for this soundcard or try to unplug it as a test.
  • Contact our support and send us a crash report, this one will help us narrow down your issue and we'll be able to fix this behavior efficiently.