GP6 - How to load a user defined preset into Guitar Pro 6


Learn how to properly load a preset into Guitar Pro 6

Products affected:

Guitar Pro 6 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux Ubuntu.


The way you set up your instrument will obviously considerably affect the way your track sounds in Guitar Pro 6. With a large range of effects, amps, instruments and settings, Guitar Pro 6 allows you to cover any music style. 
The program comes by default with a range of build in presets, but you can still load presets that you have created on your own to match your music style or presets that you have found on our Guitar Pro 6 blog.
This article explains you how to load these presets into your favorite software.


  • Go to the Guitar Pro 6 preferences from the "file" menu (Windows/ Linux) or the "Guitar Pro" menu (Mac)
  • Choose "open the preset directory"



  • Copy and past or drag and drop your preset into the "my preset folder" 


Your preset is now saved, you just need to load it in Guitar Pro 6:


  • Go to the "effect universe" from the left side of your Guitar Pro 6 window
  • From the drop down menu located above your effects chain simply choose "load user defined preset".
  • Select the preset you just added



Your preset is now loaded in Guitar Pro 6 !  


Bare in mind that you can apply these few steps for both the presets that you have created and the presets that you may find on our blog or from others GP users.