GP6 - Where can I register my license?


Weither you have purchased your license directly from our website our from one of our partners you have to register your license from your customer area.


How to find your license details?

  • Online purchases on our website

If you bought your software from our website, you can find your license details (User ID and Key ID) in the email order confirmation you received, or on the order receipt page if you printed it out.

Click here to retrieve your license numbers by email.

  • Retail purchases

If you purchased the software from a retail store, you can find your license details with the DVD case in the original packaging. Some resellers also send the license numbers by email.


We strongly recommend that you register your software purchase

By registering your license you will be able to:

  • download the full program directly from your customer area
  • download your RSE soundbanks may you have any issue using the Updater within GP6
  • access future beta versions
  • access the offline activation window 
  • access the backup dvd order page.


Your User ID and password will be the two information required to access your customer area.



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