GP6 - Where can I find Guitar Pro tabs?

Guitar Pro 6 is a musical edition software that does not come with an included free tabs library, even if a few examples are available from the program.

However Guitar Pro 6 allows you to access our 100/100 legal tabs catalog mySongBook. 

With mySongBook you'll have the possibility to purchase high quality tabs per unit or purchase a monthly subscription.

Obviously you have the possibility to start your tabs from scratch and edit your own files from Guitar Pro 6 but you can also import compatible tabs directly into the program.

Guitar Pro 6 allows you to open and play the following file formats:

  • guitarpro
  • midi
  • ascii
  • musicxml
  • powertab
  • tabledit


Many specialised websites on the internet will allow you to find thousands of tabs for free, we can not recommend you one specific website more than an other but simply bare in mind that as long as you import one the file formats mentioned above you'll be able to play your tab within Guitar Pro 6.