GP8 - Where can I find Guitar Pro tabs?

Except for a few free examples available from the File menu or the mySongBook section, Guitar Pro 8 is not sold with a built-in score catalogue, and your Guitar Pro 8 license does not offer you a free access to the mySongBook catalogue.

You can either purchase a mySongBook subscription from our website, or also order mySongBook credits that will allow you to obtain mySongBook scores individually.

Unlike other content available on the internet, our mySongBook offer is 100% legal, and the artists of the works available in the catalogue are financially compensated. 


Still thousands of free scores are available from numerous specialized sites on the Internet. We cannot guarantee the authenticity or legality of this content, so we cannot recommend one site over another, but please note that Guitar Pro 8 allows you to import the following file formats:

  • Guitar Pro (.gp, .gpx, .gp5,...)
  • MIDI
  • MusicXML
  • PowerTab
  • TablEdit