GP Affiliate - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become affiliated with Guitar Pro?

It's really easy. Sign up here and apply here.

You will receive an email confirming your intent to participate. After studying your request, we will validate your application and supply you with all documentation concerning the "affiliation" scheme.

Can I sign up to the "Affiliation" program more than once?

There is no need to do so whilst you have the possibility to declare multiple sites on your account. However, you may do so if you wish. Any other account you hold will be considered as another affiliated member of the scheme.

What country do I need to be in to become affiliated?

The scheme works in all countries. There are already numerous affiliations throughout the world!

How do I include an affiliated link in my web-site?

A list of tagged links is proposed to you in the account management site of the "Affiliation" scheme. They are easily integrated into your site by the copy/paste function. 

Do I need to pay anything?

The Guitar Pro Affiliate program is free.

Sign up here and apply here.