GP Mobile iOS - Handling effects with the guitar fretboard (iPad)


The iPad version of the tablature NotePad includes certain exclusive elements, such as the possibility to add note effects directly on the guitar fretboard, without using the application’s menus. This allows you to work faster, and also to handle the effects in a more intuitive and realistic way.

Info: do not forget to activate the option “Effects on the guitar fretboard” in the application’s settings. 

to add a bend to a note, you just need to press your finger on the desired note. Shift it upward or downward to reach the bend’s height you wish. An indication pops up to give you the bend’s real-time value. Once you have reached the desired height for your bend, just release your finger.



Slide: to add a slide, press your finger on the desired note. Then slide it to the left or to the right, and release your finger as soon as the pop-up indicates the note you want to reach.


Hammer-on/Pull-off: start with keeping your finger on a chosen note. Then with another finger, tap a second note and release immediately.

Brush: simultaneously shift two fingers anywhere on the fretboard, upward or downward.