GP8 - Discover the Line-In feature


What is the Line-In feature? 

Guitar Pro offers you the possibility to plug your guitar via an audio interface (soundcard) and hear you play in the software using by the occasion the effects models of your track via the numerous audio preset and available soundbanks.

You can play along songs in Guitar Pro, fully taking the role of the guitarist. For this, select the guitar track of your choice. Mute this guitar track from the Mute option available in the soundboard (left part of the global view). Once your guitar is plugged in and the Line In option activated, launch the playback: your score is playing but your guitar track remains silent. You have now to play this guitar track using your own guitar.

Your playing is immediately reproduce in Guitar Pro, in real time with no latency, using the predefined sound applied to your guitar track. If there is any sound change in your track, this one will be automatically applied depending of your cursor position.



You need to connect an audio interface to your computer. It may be an external device (connected with USB or Firewire), or an internal device (audio card plugged on PCI or PCI-e).

Connect your guitar to the audio interface, with a jack cable. You may need to read the audio interface manual to make the right settings.

Connect external speakers or headphones to the audio interface. You may also use your computer’s speakers.


Audio input configuration

Select the Line-In icon located on the right of your toolbar as indicated below




Click on the gear wheel to check that you selected your soundcard has audio Input from the audio preferences (Audio/MIDI tab in the Preferences window).

Carefully activate the option. Once the Line-In is activated, you have to choose the right audio input for your soundcard (the one where you plugged your guitar).

You can then apply some specific settings:




Input gain: allows to increase or decrease the output gain of your soundcard, and so allow you to adjust your sound rendering.

Effects chain: allows to choose if you want to use the effects chain of your track or not. For example if you use an effects simulator instead of the Guitar Pro effects, it is preferable to disable it for tuning.

Noise Gate: this setting allows to prevent background sound when your guitar is plugged in but you are not playing it. To set up this option, you have to slowly turn the potentiometer up, until you notice that the background sound disappeared (guitar plugged without playing).

Volume: allows to adjust the output volume of the Line In instrument in the general mix.

Limiter: allows to prevent the feedback effect by decreasing the volume of sounds exceeding a certain limit.

You can change the effect chain at any time from the track inspector.

To make the best out of the Line-In feature and for an optimal use, it is strongly recommended to use the same soundcard for both the audio input and the audio output.

⚠️ Keep in mind to turn off the Line-In option after using it. If not, you computer sound might be affected (Guitar Pro keeps on treating audio signals coming from your guitar so you might still hear noise).


💡 Do not confuse the Line-In feature and the MIDI capture.
It is not possible to edit your tracks using your guitar with the Line-In feature (more info).