GP Mobile iOS - Edition and NotePad


The edition is only possible from the NotePad feature in the Guitar Pro mobile application. 

You can not edit files that you would have imported in the app. 

Those files have to be edited first from Guitar Pro 7.6.

From this NotePad feature the edition is available for fretted instruments, in tablature notation and for one track only. 


Create a new file

Select the NotePad option from the bottom of your screen.

Select New to create a new file or select one of your previously created file.




From the next window set up your:

  • Title
  • Instrument
  • Number of strings
  • Tuning
  • Tempo 

Then select Create from the top right corner.




Edit your track

The main edition window opens.

The edition and navigation options are located from the bottom of the window, so as the metronome, count-in and loop features.

Access the Track Properties (1), Settings (2) and the Information and export (3) menus from the top right of your screen.



1/ Track properties 

From this menu you have the possibility to:

  • Choose your instrument
  • Select your soundbank
  • Adjust the number of strings
  • Change your tuning
  • Set a capo

Set the interpretation options and the time signature:

  • Tempo
  • Auto let ring
  • Auto brush 
  • Triplet feel 8th
  • Time signature




2/ Settings 

Access and set up the Metronome, Playback and Interface preferences.




3/ Information menu

Access and set up your file information. 

From this menu you also have the possibility to export your file as a .gp (Guitar Pro 7) or .gpx (Guitar Pro 6) file.

Once exported your file will be available from your files library, you can easily find it using the search bar.

You'll then be able to export it as detailed in this article.