GP7.6 - Videos to learn how to use Guitar Pro

In this series of videos, learn the basics or refine your skills on Guitar Pro 7.5. English and French subtitles are available for each video.

Guitar Pro 8 is here! 🎸🎶
Most the advices in these videos apply to Guitar Pro 8 as well. New videos dedicated to Guitar Pro 8 will soon be available.
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1. Start a new project 

In this video learn how to import a file, use a template, create a new file, change the appearance of your project, add and edit a piano track, and create a drum track.


2. Enter notes 

In this video, discover all the functionalities available in the software to enter notes: file import, use your computer keyboard, plug a MIDI keyboard/guitar, use instrument views. David Wallimann will also show you many useful shortcuts to quickly edit your project and how to click on the score to change the title, clef, key signature, tempo, tuning...


3. Customize your score and set up your workspace

In this video, take a tour of the Guitar Pro interface, learn how to change the appearance of your scores and how to organize your workspace. This tutorial includes useful tips like how to hide or show a track in multitrack view, how to use the design mode, how to split a staff and many other. 


4. Use signature collection presets and manage your sound

In this video, understand how sound works in Guitar Pro and see how to use the modelized amps and effect pedals, the signature sounds presets, the equalization and the mastering options. 


5. Connect your guitar with the line-in functionality

In this video, learn how to use Guitar Pro as a backing track to accompany yourself by connecting your guitar with an external sound card. David Wallimann will also show you how the signature sounds presets can be used by your own guitar. 


Download Guitar Pro 8 free trial and access all the features for 7 days.

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