GP - Manage your licenses from your Guitar Pro account

We published a new website in September 2020. This one allows you now to connect to your Guitar Pro account and easily retrieve your license information.

The licenses that have been purchased from our former website or one our official resellers are not available from your Guitar Pro account until you register and link them to your account. 

You have purchased your license from our website after September 2020

You have nothing to do. Your Guitar Pro license is automatically registered to your Guitar Pro account. If you need to access your licence, you can simply connect to your Guitar Pro account using the email address you used for your purchase.

You have purchased your license before September 2020 or from a third party website / reseller

Your licence was not registered automatically. We strongly recommend you to register your license in order to be able to retrieve it later. Consult the next section to know how to register your license.

You already know your license number and you want to register it

1/ Create a new Guitar Pro account
2/ Access the "My Licenses" section


3/ Mention your license number and register your license



You have lost your license number

You can retrieve your license from this link.
If some Guitar Pro licenses are linked to your email address, you will receive an email including your license(s) number(s) and you will also have the possibility to register these licenses in your new Guitar Pro account.

What's your license number?

Guitar Pro 8 & 7: your license number is your Guitar Pro User ID.

Guitar Pro versions prior to Guitar Pro 7: your license number is both your User ID and Key ID. 

You no longer have access to the email address you used for your purchase or registration from the Arobas Music website

Please contact our support via this link and mention the full name, email and postal address at the time of purchase or registration from our website. 
Note that we will be able to retrieve your license only if it has been purchased or registered from our website. 


It is not possible to manage your activation count from your Guitar Pro account (more info).
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