mSB - mySongBook credits vs mySongBook subscription

What are the main differences between buying a single score with a credit and subscribing to mySongBook? 

Buying a score using a credit allows you, among others, to consult your score and play it with not time limit from Guitar Pro 8 or the Guitar Pro mobile application*.
It also gives you the possibility to print your score.

The mySongBook subscription allows you to access the entire mySongBook catalog, as long as your subscription is active. 

Printing is only available for purchased scores.

The following table summarizes the main advantages and differences between the two offers.

mySongBook Subscription  Credits
Access to the Free tab of the Day

Read from the Guitar Pro software

Read from the Guitar Pro mobile app

Unlimited tabs

Printing from the Guitar Pro software


Free Support


* The Guitar Pro mobile application can be purchased from either the Google Play store or Apple App Store.