GP7.6 - Open a mySongBook tab with Guitar Pro 7.6


Follow these few steps in order to open a mySongBook tab in Guitar Pro 7.6.

Open a mySongBook tab from Guitar Pro 7.6:

Open Guitar Pro 7.6 and select the mySongBook entry.
Select the Sign In to mySongBook… option as shown below:



Enter both the email address and password of your mySongBook account.



Access your mySongBook purchases directly from this window and / or  browse the entire catalog. 
Titles you already purchased will be available in the My Tabs section and will appear with a small check mark ☑️ to the right of the list.



Note that the mySongBook list is divided into these 5 categories:

  • Free Tab of the Day 
  • Last Added
  • My Favorites 
  • My Tabs
  • All Tabs

Select one of your purchased tabs from the My Tabs list or select any available titles from the All Tabs list if you already purchased a mySongBook subscription . This title will open in Guitar Pro 7.6.

Note that you can purchase any title using one of your credits as shown below.
Select one of the available title and select the ➕ sign, then choose "Buy for 1 credit(s)"


If you run out of credits you will be invited to top up your account. You can also buy mySongBook credits from this link.

Manage your favorites

You can now manage your favorites mySongBook titles directly from Guitar Pro 7.6.
Simply check or uncheck the little yellow star placed left to the score title:


Please note that you can also manage your Favorites directly from the the mySongBook website.

Open a mySongBook tab from the mySongBook website:


Connect to your mySongBook account from the mySongBook website.




Select the tab that you want to open from the mySongBook website.


Select "open it : open tabs with Guitar Pro 7"



The following alert pops up : "Do you want to allow this page to open “Guitar Pro 7?"

Select "allow"

Your tab is now open in Guitar Pro 7.6.

These steps applies for mySongBook subscribers. Please note that you will have to either purchase the tab using a credit or purchase a mySongBook subscription prior to access your score.
Note that you can access the tabs you previously purchased from the "My Tabs" menu located from the right corner below your User name. 

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