Video - GP6 basics: Guitar Pro 6 Interface

Find all the tools for playing and editing scores/tabs using the software’s 6 panels. These 6 panels do different things: 

  • the “Editing” panel is used to enter notes onto the score/tab, to select the clef, the key signatures, automations, directions and time signature, repetitions, etc.,
  • the “Instrument” panel sets the instrument you are working with and allows you to change the tuning, capo, playing style and soundbank options,
  • the “Effects” panel manages the sound: amp, effects pedal and mastering options,
  • the “Mastering” panel adjusts the sound’s dynamics and EQ for the whole score/tab,
  • the “Chord” panel lets you enter and search for chord diagrams to enhance your scores/tabs,
  • the “Text” panel lets you add notes or lyrics to your scores/tabs.