GP8 - No playback with Guitar Pro 8 (Windows only)


Check your microphone privacy settings

From your Windows computer, please open your Microphone privacy settings and make sure you allowed apps to access to your Microphone as shown below:




Information 💡
Be reassured, nothing is recorded from your computer mic, but Guitar Pro 7.6 needs to access it for two features available in the program: the polyphonic tuner and the Line In option. 


Select the right Audio Input

Access the Guitar Pro 8 Preferences from the:

File > Preferences > Audio/MIDI menu

Switch the Audio Input to None


Capture d’écran 2024-06-14 à 09.16.09.png


Warning ⚠️
Make sure to change the Audio Input and not the MIDI input

If your issue is not fixed we invite you to follow this article.