GP6 - I just purchased Guitar Pro 6, what should I do?



You just purchased your license, congratulations and welcome to the Guitar Pro family!

You are just a few steps ahead of using what will soon become your favorite program.


Download Guitar Pro 6

If you ordered Guitar Pro 6 using your credit card or via Paypal you can download your program directly from your confirmation page on our website. You also have the possibility to access this download link from the confirmation email that you received once your order has been confirmed.

If you chose to pay via bank transfer, you will receive your licence information once your payment will be confirmed. 

You can download Guitar Pro 6 anytime from this link.

Once connected click on the section "Product", select your operating system and select the "Download" button as outlined in the following picture:




Activate and install Guitar Pro 6

Depending of your current Operating System we invite you to follow this article for Mac and PC.
Linux users, we invite you to follow the Windows article as the steps to follow are pretty similar. 

 If you want to install Guitar Pro on a computer that does not have Internet access, please consult our offline activation guide.


Install the RSE soundbanks

You're nearly done! As a final step once you installed Guitar Pro 6, you still need to download your RSE soundbanks which will incredibly enhance your Guitar Pro experience.

The RSE soundbanks can be quickly installed 2 ways:


Enjoy Guitar Pro 6!